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Grovia Nappy Bucket Liner

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Our Grovia Nappy Bucket Liner is a super sized wet bag that will line your nappy bucket for easy transport of your soiled cloth nappies from washing bucket to laundry and machine.

We love that the Grovia nappy bucket liner is super sized and has an elastic drawstring cord with toggle that you can tighten inside out around the top of your nappy bucket like you would with a rubbish bin liner. We use a steel pedal bin to store our soiled cloth nappies and this method has been super easy for us, both when placing nappies in the bucket before washing hands and to keep odours contained.

Most of the modern pedal bins also have a handle on the bucket for easy removal and transport to the laundry so this method seems to be ideal in our opinion. Alternately you can just use this bag instead of a nappy bucket all together!

Of course modern cloth nappies such as those from Grovia don't require soaking and can simply be washed every 1-2 days after having any solid material disposed of at the time of nappy change.

Dimensions: 70 x 76cms