Grovia Hybrid Nappy Soaker Pads - 2 Pack


The Grovia Hybrid Nappy Soaker Pads 2 Pack is the perfect modern cloth nappy product to either combine with the Grovia Hybrid Cloth Nappy Shell or to use on it's own. These nappy soaker pads provide the absorbent material inside any waterproof shell or nappy cover, and when used with a Grovia branded shell have handy snaps on the underside that keep the soaker well positioned

Thre are 3 Grovia Hybrid Nappy soaker pad styles to choose from: either Stay Dry, Organic Cotton or No Prep soaker pads styles. We love that the Grovia Hybrid Nappy Soaker Pads are soaking up the wetness and moisture made by baby, and that regardless of which version you decide to purchase, all styles are designed to be absorbent and keep baby comfortable.

All of the soaker styles have stretchy elastic leg gussets to provide good leak protection around the leg area. The Stay Dry version pad is a 4 layer hemp/cotton blend fleece, with a hidden layer of waterproof PUL and with a top later of microfleece and with microfleece fabric on those leg gussets. This style does well to prevent nappy rash from excess wetness on the skin as well as being very absorbent, but it may not suit babies who react poorly to synthetic fibres.

The Organic Cotton style is 5 layers of organic cotton which isn't quite as absorbent as hemp, it has the hidden waterproof layer and the leg gussets are made from a polyester/cotton blend to make sure they don't wick (pass moisture onto clothing). This choice is more ideal for babies that require a natural fibre against their skin.

Finally the No Prep soaker is a microfibre terry topped with fleece and with polyester leg gusset fabric. This style doesn't need as much pre-washing as the other 2 soaker pad styles, but it can hold onto smells and when full may more easily leak moisture with compression.

Grovia make a versatile and functional, comprehensive range of modern cloth nappy options that have been well loved for many years by Australian families. If your baby is a heavy wetting eco babe or you are using Grovia Cloth Nappies through the night, you may want to consider adding a few Grovia Nappy Boosters to your stash too.

Pack of 2

We recommend prewashing your Stay Dry or Organic Cotton soaker pads 3-5 times prior to use and that you do not use zinc based nappy creams which can clog up the absorbency of the soaker pads fibres. They will be most absorbent after around 8-10 washes, but please remember to only use washing mediums that are free from whiteners, bleach, vinegar, enzymes and fabric softeners which void the nappy warranty.

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Not as user friendly as other inserts

I really like the grovia hybrid system. Thought I would try cotton inserts - they take a really long time to dry compared to the other grovia hybrid inserts. Cannot comment on absorbency yet as they take a few goes to reach their actual capacity.