Grovia Booster 2 Pack - Little Earth Nest

Grovia Booster 2 Pack

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The Grovia Booster is a handy way to increase the absorbency of any modern cloth nappy. Simply pop it in either under or on top of the existing asborbent inserts or fabric to add extra ability to soak up wetness and moisture. The Grovia Booster is made from 3 layers of organic cotton and is available either with natural organic fibres alone or as a 'stay dry' version booster which is topped with delightfully soft microfleece to keep baby feeling dry.

Grovia Boosters are a great way to extend the wear time of a nappy for nap or night time use or for heavy wetting eco babies. If you have a super wetter, we recommend you consider the Grovia Bamboo prefolds as a super soaking booster. That's the premmie size but at those dimensions the Grovia prefolds are perfect for adding super soaking power to any cloth nappy as a trifold booster.

We recommend that you pre wash the Grovia boosters 5-6 times before use to maximise their absorbency, and as with all modern cloth nappies do not use bleach, fabric softeners or any washing substances that use enzymes. These organic cotton cloth nappy boosters are also not suitable for use with zinc based or other water repelling nappy creams.

Grovia Booster Dimensions: 7cms x 8cms x 0.5cms sapprox

2 Pack