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Grovia Biosoakers

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Grovia Biosoakers are disposable nappy inserts intended for us with the Grovia Hybrid Nappy system but can work with any reusable nappy cover. The idea of this product is that you can use the one reusable waterproof nappy cover, and then choose either a washable Grovia nappy soaker, or this handy disposable, chemical free soaker for those moments when you are on the go and finding cloth nappying more challenging.

Grovia Biosoakers are biodegradable and commercially compostable nappy inserts (EN13432) made with materials that are fragrance and dye free, plastic and chlorine free and are Oeko-tex 100 Certified with an ultra thin construction for a baby's comfort for example during long car trips or when travelling.

The Grovia Biosoakers have a core combining sustainable harvested wood pulp fibre with a very minimal amount of the SAP gel which is the super absorbent polymer that is used in traditional disposable nappies. The waterproof outer of the biosoaker is made from a bio-film that is a natural material made from renewable fibres.