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Grovia Bioliners

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Grovia Bioliners are a great option to keep baby change time as a stress free, quick and easy procedure. The Grovia Bioliners are an unscented disposable nappy liner that keeps solid messes from contact with the inside of the nappy.

Using Grovia Bioliners makes it easier to keep nappies clean and dry. Changing the soiled nappy is simply a matter of removing the liner containing the waste and either flushing or disposing of it. If you do choose to flush these, please do consider your own plumbing or septic system capacity and needs.

Of course Grovia cloth nappy products are designed with eco babies in mind and are made from super soft renewable fibres that are free from toxic chemicals and synthetic preservatives. These liners are not only fragrance free but also free from chlorine and dyes.

Dimensions: 30 x 19cms

Pack of 200