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Gathering a Garden Game

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Return to the good old days of your childhood memories with the Gathering a Garden Game, a beautiful traditional board game to play at your table after dinner and enjoy together with your children. These are the memories we wish to create and nurture in the modern world of screens, and we can assure that the Gathering a Garden Game will engage and excite your children and help your family to embrace more meaningful time together.

Gathering a Garden is a game for 2-4 players, and involves players moving around the board collecting a bird, flower, vegetable, herb and fruit item before returning to their garden. This isn't a short game but it's engaging enough for little ones and adults too and you will definitely want to play again.

This eco-friendly kids game is made by Eeboo who are a committed to creating eco toys and environmentally friendly products. The board game is printed on paper with at least 75% recycled content, with soy based inks and contains no plastic pieces.

Dimensions: Board - 48 x 48cms 

Ages 5+

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