Full Circle Bubble Up - Little Earth Nest

Full Circle Bubble Up

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Take a look at this nifty household cleanign brush the Full Circle Bubble Up, a small but super helpful little brush that creates loads of suds and offers an earth friendly, non-toxic option to your washing up routine.

The ceramic storage base acts a little like a soap dispenser, you place your dishwashing liquid in this ceramic base and then a provided spring is placed on top of that spring, before a final recycled plastic disc with perforations across it. When you push down with the brush on this disc, the spring gives a little allowing small amounts of dish liquid to be pushed up between these holes and onto your brush.

By choosing earth friendly cleaning products such as those made by Full Circle you are taking positive action to create change that will reduce plastic waste and waste of non renewable resources on unnecessary uses. When you are finished with this brush, unlike other plastic products who will remain intact for thousands of years, this cleaning brush will break down in landfill.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 12.5cms