Full Circle Bottle Brush - Little Earth Nest

Full Circle Bottle Brush

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The Full Circle Bottle Brush and other fantastic and beautiful items in the Full Circle range aim to provide stainless steel bottle users as well as eco families like our own an alternative to toxic plastic household cleaning products.

This bottle brush is innovative because it uses recycled plastic for it's handle and recycled stainless steel in the central metal core of the brush, and it's bristles are made from recycled plastic. The U shape of the orange handle of the Full Circle Reach Bottle Brush makes it easy to hang this on the tap or on a hook inside your sink cupboard to dry, which extends the life of the brush, and the shape also means that you can clean both the inside and outside of a bottle simultaneously which is pretty nifty.

This bottle brush is fantastic for cleaning of reusable water bottles, reusable coffee cups, glass and stainless steel baby bottles and so much more, and by using it you protect your environment and make a conscious decisions to take action in the fight against unnecessary plastic and to do so with style.

Dimensions: 25cms tall