Djeco Vroumbazar Magnetics Magnets - Little Earth Nest

Djeco Vroumbazar Magnetics Magnets

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Djeco Vroumbazar Magnetics Magnets are a delightful set of high quality wooden magnets. This set is in keeping with the famous artist illustrated ranges of Djeco Toys, with a series of animals riding vehicles and animal/vehicle hybrid characters making up the 24 pieces in this set.

We love that the Djeco Vroumbazar Magnetics Magnets are fully backed in a flat magnetic surface that can be safely used without fear of magnet ingestion. We recommend using the back of a cookie tray for a great portable magnet play surface, but Ikea also make a handy wall hanging magnet board or metal surface that is fantastic for hours of engaging play with any of the Djeco magnet sets.

Djeco are reknowned for creating these beautiful eco toys, including wooden toys as well as puzzles and games. They are a French brand making toys that meet and exceed both Australian and European toy and safety standards.

Dimensions: Box 19 x 22cms

Ages 2+