Djeco Mosaic Puzzle - Moza Boo and Moza Blop - Little Earth Nest

Djeco Mosaic Puzzle

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Our Djeco Mosaic Puzzle is a beautiful and unique eco toy set, that contain a wooden board in either an owl or fish shape, along with 57 mosaic pieces that fit within that shaped board in different ways to create a variety of interesting patterns. The set also includes 10 model cards which give ideas about the different coloured patterns that can be made.

Djeco Toys are known for unique wooden toys like these that are so beautifully illustrated and support a child's learning and development through fun and play.

Choose from the striking Mosa Boo Mosaic Owl or the brightly coloured Mosa Blop Mosaic Fish.

Dimensions: 19 x 3 x 22cms

Ages 3+