Djeco Magniville Magnetics Magnets - Little Earth Nest

Djeco Magniville Magnetics Magnets

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Djeco Magniville Magnetics Magnets is heart meltingly adorable wooden magnet set containing 42 images on wooden pieces with a full flat magnetic backing so that children can create story boards using them. We recommend using a large cookie tray as a cheap magnetic surface or Ikea also make a fabulous large sized metal magnet board.

The beautiful images on the Djeco Magniville Magnetics Magnets range from trees and bees and buses to boats, flowers and furniture. Children adore creating an imaginary scene with the diverse images and we love hearing them tell us what is happening in the world they imagine.

Kids play for hours with these magnets which come well packaged in a sturdy storage box with a magnetic closure, which also makes them a perfect birthday or Christmas gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Djeco Toys create the most memorable eco toys and a range of puzzles and games that all created with sustainable and eco-friendly timber and finished with high quality non-toxic paint. These toys are artist illustrated and have a focus on great design, function and style.

Dimensions: Box 22 x 19cms

Ages 2+