Djeco Magnetic Tangram Set - Little Earth Nest

Djeco Magnetic Tangram Set

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Djeco Magnetic Tangram Set is a useful modern take on the classic idea of tangram, which is a Chinese geometric puzzle square cut into 7 pieces, that are the rearranged to make other shapes.

The Djeco Magnetic Tangram Set includes a cloth bag containing one red wooden parallelogram, red wooden one square and five red wooden triangle. These high quality magnetic wooden tangram shapes are in this set along with a variety of instruction cards showing children how to create images using their shapes.

Tangram is a fantastic tool of play to use like building blocks, to support children in developing stronger problem solving skills and to learn about space and spatial relationships. Despite all these technical strengths, kids just see this game as good fun. Win-win.

When children want to expand on the character suggestions provided by the included cards, there are great resources online for tangram ideas. The options are endless using the durable and long lasting Djeco Tangram set.


Box 16 x 23 x 3cms

Ages 5+