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Bumboo StayDry QuickDry Pocket Nappy

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A super popular cloth nappy, the Bumboo StayDry QuickDry Pocket Nappy is an all in 2 cloth nappy stytem made with high quality materials that will fit from newborn babe to busy toddlers. This nappy is great value as it is sold with 3 aborsbent nappy pads where many nappy solutions require this is a separate purchase.

Feedback has told us that this nappy is great for heavy wetting babes and it's adjustable settings and stretchy waist band design make it easy to find a great fit for your little or chunky babe. People describe them to us as both fast and easy.

The Bumboo StayDry Quickdry Pocket Cloth Nappy is a one size nappy that adjust to fit your baby using four height adjustment snaps and for waist adjustment snaps. It is made with a soft waterproof outer layer, and a stay dry, pill free suede cloth layer against baby's skin. 

The nappy includes an array of booster options including 2 triple layer bamboo fleece boosters in small and large size, and one small and one large microfibre booster pads too. The nappy has an inner 'pocket' where absorbent fabrics and materials are placed, so you can choose your own combination of the supplied boosters or use your own flat nappies or prefolds to perfect the balance of absorbency and bulk.

  • Rise 34 - 50cms
  • Waist 24-58cms
  • Thighs 10-30cms
  • Weight 3.5 - 16kgs