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Bumboo Nappy Cover Velcro

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The Bumboo Nappy Covers with Velcro and PUL are a fantastic simple cloth nappy option that are great for the hip pocket, simple to use and a quality solution for any cloth nappy requiring a cover.

Use the Bumboo PUL Nappy Cover together with a prefold, traditional flat terry nappy or fitted cloth nappy to provide a reliable waterproof layer between your baby's absorbent material and their clothing or yours. These nappies are designed to be considerate of newborn baby needs, with the newborn sizing featuring a front dip to allow for cord care.

If you like a cover and nappy system these covers are soft and light weight, made from a biodegradable waterproof polyurethane laminate with deep leg gussets that provide that extra level of protection from leakage.

Manufacturer sizing: (we do find these generous in size)

  • XS  3-6 kgs
  • S 5-10 kgs
  • M 11 kgs+