Bioserie Round Rattle - Eco Baby Rattle - Little Earth Nest

Bioserie Round Rattle

We were in love with this plastic free baby rattle from he moment we laid eyes on it! The Bioserie eco baby rattle has a blue and green ball at the top and smaller red, yellow, blue and green balls moving around inside the handle. These balls can all be seen through oval shaped windows in the body of the rattle, and as the balls move they make a gentle sound.

Coloured bright retro red on one side and sunny, happy yellow on the other; this rattle is super light and interesting for little eco babes. The eco rattles are dishwasher safe which we love for baby toys and they are also super durable to last the test of life with young babes.

Most importantly this is a very green toy, a toy that looks and feels like plastic but is made entirely of plants and contains no oil based chemicals. These rattles are eco toys that are BPA free and free from PVC, phthalates, styrenes and heavy metals. They are made from plant resources that are annually renewable so that our precious petrochemical resources can be saved for more vital uses.

Dimensions: 10.6 x 12.3cms