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Bambooty Basics OSFM All in 2 Snap In Nappies

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The Bambooty Basics Cloth Nappies are fantastic value and a great all around cloth nappy. As far as we are concerned this nappy is the best option on the Australian market, combining a great purchase price with awesome functionality, quality and ease of use. 

The Bambooty Basics Cloth Nappy includes a waterproof outer minkee cover called a 'shell' which has a PUL backing that can be adjusted to suit four size settings. Absorbent pads (called 'inserts') then snap in to the waterproof cover to soak up the wee, and of course you can add extra fabric to add extra soaking power if it is needed. 

In the Bambooty Basics Cloth Nappies the absorbent inserts are made from either bamboo or microfibre. We sell them with the bamboo pads as standard because we think they are more efficient - and you can buy Bambooty microfibre inserts as an accessory separately. The absorbent bamboo pads have 3 layers of absorbent bamboo blend fabric, a mix of bamboo and organic cotton, which is topped with a stay dry fabric called 'suedecloth' which is a synthetic fabric with a slightly suede light texture that prevents baby from feeling wet even when the nappy is full.

Once wet the nappy is simply placed in the washing machine with 1/4 of the usual powder and then hung out to dry, and if soiled simply drop the waste in the toilet before washing. You can also use disposable nappy liners to make it easier to remove that waste. We recommend using a pedal rubbish bin to store nappies in between washes, no soaking is required.

We love that Bambooty is an Australian family businesss and manufactured ethically in China by a family owned factory.

Suits 4-16kgs