Agreena 3 in 1 Wrap

Reusable cling wrap that actually clings? Plastic free, seals water tight?! YES. Meet Agreena  3 in 1 wrap made from 100% pure food grade silicone without fillers - use it to wrap, seal or bake!

Absolutely jumping out of my skin to introduce to you the Agreena 3 in 1 wrap which we backed in their Kickstarter campaign and have been using with amazement. Mel has produced something completely outstanding here and we know it will impress you as it does us. 

We love the Agreena 3 in 1 wrap

The Agreena wrap, reusable cling wrap is a 3 in 1 wrap product that is a non toxic, recyclable eco friendly wrap that can replace cling wrap or you may call it cling film, aluminium foil and even baking paper. Simply wash with warm soapy water and it is ready to use again - it breaths and it doesn't store odours. This is not plastic! It is a type of rubber than contains oxygen bonded with silicon which is a natural element of sand and rock. We simply love that this is such a versatile eco product that actually works and is not petroleum based!

Not only can the Agreena 3 in 1 wrap around sandwiches with it's self sticking properties, it is super stretchy and can create an airtight seal on bowls, cups and plates, and it is sustainable, recyclable, washable over and again. We have found the best results when both the bowl/plate and our hands are dry on application of the wrap.

The Agreena resuable cling wrap is clean and green

Of course the material used to make the product is BPA free, lead and petrochemical free and makes the product oven, freezer and microwave safe. In addition the company making this product is green to the core, with the proceeds from each Agreena cling wrap box sold helping to support earth warrior organisations.

Each box contains 2 small and 2 large Agreena wraps all of which can withstand temps up to 220C and with care will last for years. In terms care, just remember that you need to avoid sharp or pointy objects and that sugar or honey syrups as well as acidic substances can discolour the wrap.


  • Small - 20 x 20cm
  • Large - 30 x 30cm


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3 in 1 wrap
Very cool
useless wraps
Goodness Kathleen! You certainly do sound very passionately against this product and we apologise that it didn't meet your expectations. We take feedback into account and value the time you have taken to write even though your comments were quite harsh. Your comment is a rare negative remark on this item. We and countless other customers have found these very easy to separate from the backing within seconds, and we are using them ourselves to great effect and did so for months prior to stocking them or we would not have promoted them. Moisture on a bowl can effect the ability of the wrap to stick and the wrap does become more 'sticky' with time, and you must also pay attention the tension being applied when you cover your bowls or containers to ensure that this makes a seal. We stand by this product with confidence based on our own use of it and positive feedback in store. The product is far from useless but if it has no use in your household we encourage you to pass it on to someone else less fortunate who might have greater success. We would have nothing to gain from selling something that had no use and was not good value and are always focused on offering functional, value product toward the outcome of a happy customer and more sustainable community.
Great switch