Skeanie Lady Jane

Size Guide
Skeanie Size Chart

Maximum Recommend Foot Length for Skeanie Pre-walker Shoe Sizes

Small     110mm

Medium 125mm

Large     140mm

X-Large  155mm


  • Ensure your child’s foot is relaxed before measuring
  • Measure towards the end of the day to ensure foot is at it’s largest
  • Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper
  • Draw a line at the heel and at the big toe - measure the foot length in mm
  • DO NOT add to your child’s foot length as wriggle room has been factored in

Whilst Skeanie have tried their best to make their sizing guide as accurate as possible, the sizing of their shoes may vary slightly between designs.


Skeanie Lady Jane baby shoes are a simple divine Mary Jane style baby shoe available in a range of colours to suit new walkers and confident toddlers alike. These high quality, fair trade made baby shoes are hand made from durable yet soft leather, with a velcro closure that is adjustable for a perfect fit.

The Small size range of the Skeanie Lady Jane baby shoes have a textured suede sole that allows the feet to develop their support structures that will become so important in later life. Sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large have a split rubber sole that makes sure the shoe can keep up with busy toddler steps.

Skeanie is an Australian family business whose shoes have been awarded with the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Assocation. Please don't place these shoes in the washing machine, simply wipe them over with a damp cloth if dirty.

Please consider the following recommended maximum foot length for these shoes:

  • Small - 110mm
  • Medium - 125mm
  • Large - 140mm
  • X-Large - 155mm

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