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Wooden Pastel Rainbow Stacker

Handmade with love in Australia by an Australian family, these wooden rainbow toys are a treat and made from sustainably harvested wood, with non-toxic paints perfect and safe for little hands!

A gorgeous hand-crafted wooden rainbow stacker that is perfect for your little ones to spend hours imagining with. One moment the rainbow can be made into a tunnel the next it is an arch. The possibilities are endless with this toy. The colours are vibrant and delightful bringing joy into your places and spaces.

The beeswax coating is from a sweet Melbourne supplier and here is their quote ...........

"Especially developed for those with sensitivities to chemicals or odours. This wax has no obvious smell. It is an oil-rich, nourishing & protective wax polish suitable for use on any type of furniture but particularly suited to raw or dry timber. Safe to use on children's wooden toys & furniture (totally edible if so desired!) Use to nourish turned wood food bowls or goblets. Contains pure unrefined yellow beeswax (certified organic), plant-derived Carnauba wax, natural Jojoba wax along with food grade quality organic Linseed (Flax) Oil & pharmaceutical grade Mineral Oil. These ingredients were chosen for their various properties and hypoallergenic qualities. "

Each of these Rainbow Stackers are uniquely handcrafted and are one of a kind. The small stackers have small pieces and are not recommended for or near children who still put toys in their mouth.

Small Dimensions Approx:  H 9cm x W 17cm - Small has 6 coloured arches 

Large Dimensions Approx:  H 13 x W 26cm - Large has 7 coloured arches

Customer Reviews

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Wooden Pastel Rainbow Stacker

Not as great as I had hoped

Although this looks pretty, even as an adult I find it hard to stack the pieces together. The uneven and unique shape of each piece means it has to be lined up exactly and in the precise position to fit. Frustrating and too challenging for a young toddler I feel. Wish i had spent more to get the grimms product I had originally seen.

Pastel Rainbow

Beautifully made but much smaller than I thought it would be for the price.

Wooden rainbow!

Beautiful quality rainbow that I cannot wait to give my kids for Christmas!

Somewhere over the rainbow

My friend's sister passed away and told her sister that she would show her rainbows. Even on the day if the funeral, there was a rainbow.
I saw the beautiful rainbow on your site and sent it to my friend, she loved it.