Weleda Baby Teething Powder 60g

Weleda Baby Teething Powder is a homeopathic preparation for the treatment of discomfort in teething babies and children. Parents tell us that they love this effective powder which can be mixed with breast milk or formula on a spoon and given to sad little ones to soothe their distress during teething.

Weleda Baby Teething powder has Conchae is added to sooth aches and pains and to comfort an unsettled child, and Chamomilla root for those same efforts and for calming.

We love that this natural teething remedy is free from synthetic preservatives which can be very harsh on the developing baby gut. This product is not suitable for vegans with the lactose sugars as an ingredient. Weleda Teething Powder but should not cause difficulty for babies who have the more common reaction to bovine protein as only the dairy sugar is included. In the rare instance of true lactose intolerance this product would be unsuitable so of course please consult your health care professional.


Ingredients: Equal parts Conchae 6x (Oyster shell; Natural Calcium Carbonate) and Chamomilla root 20x in a lactose base.


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Had dairy in it. Couldn't use it.

So sorry for this confusion Abby; the ingredients list in our description and on the box did declare lactose content but I really appreciate the opportunity to improve it and have added some text to make it clear that this isn't suitable for vegans or those with the extremely rare lactose intolerance. I've also made sure to remind myself to let people know and have given our staff the same information. This works wonders for those who can use it and is widely sought after so I am hopeful you were able to find a new home for it xxx Thanks again for this constructive feedback and opportunity to improve.
Great product

This teething powder seems to really help calm my little one when she is having teething pains. It works quickly and is relatively easy to use.


This powder has helped us so much! Can’t thank enough

Weleda teething powder

Amazing product I put a little on my finger then straight onto my babes gums and works fantastic!


Weleda Baby Teething Powder 60g