That Red House Wool Dryer Balls

That Red House Wool Dryer Balls offer a great option for those who are embracing a sustainable lifestyle but finding it difficult to fully ditch the dryer. These 100% Australian wool dryer balls can be placed in the dryer with your wet clothes to reduce drying time and therefore your electricity bill in hand with reducing environmental strain of drying.

Our That Red House Wool Dryer Balls come thoughtfully packaged in a natural fibre storage bag containing 3 grey balls for dark loads and 3 white balls for light coloured dryer loads. When using these dryer balls there is no need for dryer sheets which create such waste and often toxic synthetic fragrance dirtying your clothing.

You can expect to use this one set of Wool Dryer Balls for over 10000 loads so the set is absolutely an investment in clean living that will be long lasting.

Pack of 6

Customer Reviews

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Emily M.
Love the wool balls!

I love the wool balls but I’m really disappointed with the service and shipping time. I received them 2 months after I ordered them and nobody contacted me about any delays, and only informed me after I contacted them.

Brenda V.
Wool dryer balls

Great product!! I add a few drops of essential oils and my clothes feel and smell amazing!!


This is my second lot of these amazing balls (due to the dog getting hold of them) no fault of there own. Still love them. During Iso my family has also had a lot of fun with these doubling up as pretend snow balls for snow ball fights!

Jess H.

LOVE these wool balls! They have been amazing at reducing drying time, static and with a few drops of essential oils on them they make my washing smell extra AMAZING! Thank you!!

Emily M.

Fantastic product! I have been adding a few drops of lavender oil and the drying is soft and fragrant.