Plan Toys Coast Guard Boat

Zoom across the wide open seas all within your own bath tub with the Plan Toys Coast Guard Boat. The Coast Guard Boat is a red inflatable dingy style boat with motor and it's driver is well prepared with an orange wetsuit, yellow life vest and a friendly and helpful smile on his face.

Children will immerse themselves in an imaginary marine world with this sweet little boat crafted from a unique Plan Toys product, a high quality sustainable rubber wood blend called PlanWood that is suitable for use in water. This provides a great alternative to plastic toys which have a heavy environmental footprint in production, using up precious petrochemical resources and that will take thousands of years to breakdown.

The PlanToys Coast Guard Boat is available among other boats and toys for water play including the PlanToys Speed Boat and PlanToys Water Landing Net Bath Set.

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7 cms

Ages: 1+

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dave O.
Not buoyant enough - sinks!

The coast guard boat only barely floats when the person is in it. Any sort of normal kid movement in the bath results in water coming in over the top and sinking the boat. It’s not fit for purpose - get the speed boat instead.

Ashton S.
Boat sinks immediately

Flawed design. Great company, but missed the mark with this “bath toy” it immediately sinks to the bottom of the tub. The only saving grace is my son enjoys playing with the figure.

a boat that doesn't float!

This little boat looks & feels lovely, with the little person that can jump overboard, but, very disappointingly, it doesn't float which somewhat defeats its bath purpose. It lies on the bottom, submerged while the little person bobs about ...

Tove B.
Great bath toy!

My son is obsessed with this bath toy, beautiful quality and a great way to swap out toxic bath toys. Little earth nests customer service was amazing and I’ll continue to order from them in the future