Grovia Reusable Cloth Wipes

The Grovia Reusable Cloth Wipes are very popular super soft reusable baby wipes. These are made using a gentle terry fabric which is ideal for sensitive areas as well as for an all around useful reusable baby wipe for cleaning hands and faces.

Grovia Reusable Cloth Wipes will save you money and we fine them more effective than disposable wipes, grabbing easily at mess. We simply place the entire wet wipe opened out on the change area, place a light amount of pressure to let the wetness soak into any mess and then use a single clockwise action to wipe away everything underneath the cloth. As you wipe away, do so in an action that folds the dirty side of the cloth onto itself, leaving you only areas of clean cloth visible and touching your hand, that can either just keep you relatively clean and dry or use the remaining clean areas to get any last mess. In a pinch you can just use that one cloth, but I mostly would take a second cloth and wipe over the area which now looks clean, just to give it that extra wash.

Our tip is to wet a few baby wipes before you go out and place them inside the small Bambooty wet bag which is a zip up wet bag that is well priced and super functional. Then you can use the wet wipes while you are out and simply pop them in your usual wetbag with the cloth nappy after use, ready to be washed. Finally we also use this natural hand sanitiser spray to keep our hands clean on the move. This is the ideal system for using reusable cloth wipes when you are out and about!

Dimensions: 20 x 20cms

12 Pack

Customer Reviews

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Really happy with these wipes. My originally sceptical husband has even asked me to order more!

Love them

Beautiful to use and dries super fast


I bought a pack of these grovia wipes and they are awesome! I’m already going to order a second set. They are a good size, are thin enough to really get in and wipe up the biggest of mess and are so soft.