Onya Reusable Shopping Bag

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RRP$14.95-$16.95 SAVE UPWARDS OF 30%

Onya Reusable Shopping Bags are ahead of the game with their recycled plastic shopping bags made from plastic drink bottles or rPet. Using a reusable shopping bag made from either natural fibres or recycled fibres is our preference to reduse the use of virgin plastic and petrochemical based fibres.

With so many single use plastic bags heading to landfill every day, it is a foregone conclusion that the Onya Reusable Shopping Bags are a better choice than saying yes to supermarket plastic bags. These reusable shopping bags are also not easy to forget as they have a handy carabiner clip and a handy sized storage pouch which means they will easily fit inside your handbag, in the centre console or glove box of your car. Stash a few Onya Reusable Shopping Bags in a few places and you will soon find that you no longer get stuck without a reusable.

As well as being conveniently compact and lightweight, the Onya Reusable Shopping Bags are strong enough to hold a few kilos too and hold a good volume of product and produce. Their smart design includes a small front pocket for your shopping list receipt. If you are looking at these, you might be introduced in a pack of Onya Reusable Produce Bags which are also cost effective and functional.

Choose from a variety of fun prints and colours and from either small or large sized bags.


  • Small 37 x 46 cms
  • Large 47 x 58 cms

Weight 50g


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Onya Bag

Love the size of the large bag! So handy to have on me at all times in the little storage pouch.