Manduca Baby Carrier


Since our babywearing journey started in 2008 we have worn and sold many carriers, and we are confident today that a Manduca baby carrier is the very best choice we can offer for most families.

The Manduca baby carrier has a broad sitting base which supports baby's thighs comfortably in the M position, and of course supporting baby's back and neck with the function for extension of the body length of the carrier as baby grows. The carrier has an integrated headrest that doubles as a sunshade and folds to tuck away when not in use.

Not only is this the best baby carrier for us in terms of baby's comfort and developmental support, it offers great value and genuine respect for the environment. 100% organic cotton sits against baby's skin whilst an outer layer mix of organic cotton and hemp is great for durability.

The Manduca is suitable for carrying newborns from 3.5kgs; it has a built in, easy to use infant insert and can continue carrying pre-school age children up to 20kgs. To be honest this newborn insert and the adjustability of the Manduca body are some of the key reasons why it outperforms others on the market.

You can read our Manduca vs Ergo post which is a little old now, but gives some resources and pics to consider while you work out the best decision for you and your family. Manduca Baby Carriers are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Australian Physiotherapy Association and they are machine washable.

Box Dimensions: 34.5 x 22 x 12cms

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
great carrier

the carrier itself is great, and fairly easy to put babe in on your own.. however the only downfall was the website listing a colour available that actually wasnt..

My top recommended buckle carrier for new parents

The Manduca is so well designed! No bulky hot in Summer infant insert like other carriers, you can cross the straps at the back and great accessories like the Size It, Zip In and Extend. It's my top recommended buckle carrier for new parents.

start early

Not feeling confident to take out my newborn in summer in a carrier, I left placing him in my Manduca until he was 3 months. I think this is too late to start carrying baby facing inwards as they are already inquisitive and want to look around. They need to get used to this position from early on. However, there is a sidewards position on the hip with this carrier too and that does the job well for us. Great fabric. Sturdy ams easy to wash.

Hands free!

I love love love my Manduca. I tried a baby bjorn and a ring sling before finding my perfect fit with a Manduca. Bub loves it too! I love how I can unzip it when he falls asleep to support his neck and head!

Best tool in my toolbox

I seriously do not know how I would parent two children without a comfortable carrier. Our Manduca has seen us through both babies, well into toddlerhood. Hands free, close, comfortable. Makes parenting easier.